Horsey Reach

Home away from home in perthsire

Terms & Conditions

Full weeks run from Sunday to Sunday, although we can be more flexible about this at quieter times (Start November - End June), please ask.
The minimum stay is 3 nights (we cannot offer lower rates than stated for shorter stays)
Short breaks are not available at peak season.

We are sorry but o
ur automated booking system does not enforce the above conditions. Should you inadevertantly reserve and book a period for which we cannot cater, we will get in touch with you and endeavour to rearrange your stay to meet our conditions. If this cannot be done to your satisfaction we will cancel your booking and refund your deposit in full.

If booking more than eight weeks in advance, a non-refundable deposit of £200 for the lodge and £500 for the main house is required to secure your booking. The balance must be paid eight weeks prior to your stay. If booking within 8 weeks of your stay you are required to pay the amount in full at the time of booking. Unfortunately we are unable to return your deposit should you have to cancel for any reason.
Our automated booking system can only take deposit payments, if you have booked within 8 weeks of your stay we will contact you as soon as we receive notification of your booking and organise collection of your balance immediately. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Online payments are made through paypal. You do not need to have a paypal account to do this, paypal also take credit and debit cards.
If you pay your deposit online your booking is immediately confirmed.
We understand that you may prefer to pay for your stay by cheque or bank transfer. Our automated system allows you to do this (pay manually). However should you choose to do this, until we receive notification of your request and we speak to you in person, your booking  remains unconfirmed and, as such, it would be possible for another party to book the same period and make an online payment in the meantime. In which case, we regret that we cannot honour your booking. We will of course let you know if this situation arises.


Deposits are strictly non-refundable.

In the case of a cancellation or change in dates, balance payments are non-refundable, unless we are able to re-let the property.

We reserve the right to cancel your stay at short notice if unexpected circumstances arise. In this case we will refund you the cost of your stay in full or offer you alternative dates.

Arrival and Departure

Check-in is 4pm and Check-out is 10am. On departure, we request that you strip any beds used, and leave used towels and bedding on the floor. And please ensure that the fridges and freezer have been emptied, putting waste food in the bins outside.

If the property is not let immediately before your stay then we may be able to give you access to the property prior to 4pm. If you would like earlier access, please ask.

Single-sex Groups and Age-Restrictions/Anti-social Behaviour

We cannot accept a booking if everyone in the party is under the age of 25. Bookings for single-sex parties will be at our discretion. You must inform us prior to booking if your party falls into one of these categories. We reserve the right to refuse entry to either property if we find either of these to be the case without prior notification - no refund will be issued.

Both properties are ideal for groups of friends to relax, enjoy each other's company, cook and eat together and they are beautifully appointed. If the sole aim of your visit is to get drunk, then we politely suggest that you look elsewhere to avoid any embarrassment.

Although the properties are in a semi-rural location, there are neighbouring properties– so we ask you not to play loud music outside or indoors with doors and windows open.

Care of the Property

There is a short list of house rules in your welcome pack, which you are required to observe. Please leave the property in a clean and tidy condition.

The person who made the booking is responsible for the costs of the following: Any additional or specialist cleaning (including carpet cleaning) which is required following your stay, any breakages or damage (including stains to carpets) during your stay, any items which are found to be missing following your stay.

You are required to notify us immediately of any damage in order that we are able to replace/repair the item for your use and for that of the next guests. You are required to pay for any such damage or breakages in full before your departure. If we are not informed of any such damage, you will be billed. If a Damage Deposit has been applied to your booking, the costs of such damage will be deducted from your deposit. See below.

No repairs of any kind must be attempted by you or any member of your party. And under no circumstance should you attempt to clean a stain on a carpet – let us know what it is that has been spilled, and we will have it professionally cleaned.

Damage Deposit

We reserve the right to request the payment of a Damage Deposit of up to £500, which will be refunded in full if your party causes no damage during your stay.When a Damage Deposit is requested, it must be paid seven days prior to the arrival date. We will refuse entry without receipt and no refund will be given. Any costs for specialist or additional cleaning (including carpet cleaning), breakages or damage to the property will be deducted from your deposit. You will be billed for any repairs exceeding the Damage Deposit. The balance will be returned to you within fourteen days of your departure. You will be informed if you are required to pay the Damage Deposit prior to your confirmation being issued. You have the right at this point to cancel your booking and your deposit will be refunded.

Use of Properties No more than 6 people may stay in Horsey Reach Lodge, and no more than 12 in the Main House. Children under 2 years of age are not included in these numbers.

Telephone Usage

Mobile reception is poor and both properties are equipped with landlines. The landline numbers are provided in the arrival instructions so that you can forward them on to anyone likely to require contact with you during your stay. We ask that you leave money to cover the cost of calls. The bills are itemized and we will charge for excessive usage during your stay.


There are strict guidelines for the use of the hot-tub in both properties. It is your responsibility to read these guidelines and adhere to them at all times. The hot-tub is cleaned between each group of guests. It takes several hours for the hot-tub to reach its optimum operational temperature. This means that it may not be up to temperature the first evening of your stay.

We may make adjustments to the chemicals/temperature/water-level in the hot-tub during your stay. If the hot-tub needs to be emptied/refilled during your stay due to misuse, there will be a charge of £50.

Fabric, clothing (other than swimming costumes) or other foreign bodies are not allowed in the hot-tub. Should we have to replace a filter clogged with fibres or any other debris, a charge of £100 will have to be made.

Please follow the instructions carefully for opening the hot-tub. The cover opens easily by using the cover lifter. Attempting to open the cover without correct use of the cover lifter can damage the lid and you will be charged for any such damage. Clear instructions are provided in the house and the lodge for this.


The properties sit high on the banks of the River Tay with a sheer drop to the river. Please do not climb or sit on the fence and ensure that children are closely monitored.There is a large wooden decked area below the house. Access to this area is not permitted.The decking area around the lodge and the house can get extremely slippery, particularly when wet. Please take care.Inside the main house there are two sets of steep stairs. Stair-gates are NOT available. If there are small children in your party and you have concerns about this, please contact us.A stair-gate is available in the lodge. If you require this, please advise us prior to your stay.

Fire Risk

Please take care when using the wood-burning stove. Instructions for its use are in the house and the lodge and you are required to read them and adhere to them.

The lighting of candles is not permitted in either of the properties.

Smoking indoors is strictly forbidden. Please take great care when smoking outside, and dispose of cigarette ends responsibly, ensuring they are completely extinguished. Do not under any circumstances dispose of cigarette ends over the edge of the cliff, as in dry weather there is a serious risk of fire. Please ensure that all internal doors are closed before you leave either property, in the case of a fire, this significantly reduces the damage.

If we find evidence of smoking indoors, we will charge £100 for specialist cleaning.

Fireworks and Chinese Lanterns are not permitted. 


It is your responsibility to ensure all doors (there are 9 external doors in the main house) are locked when you go out. All require manual locking – they do not lock automatically. We are not responsible for any loss, damage or theft to your personal property during your stay.


All linen and towels are included in your rate. Additional linen and towels are available if required and washing and drying facilities are provided. We request that your use of additional linen and towels be kept to a minimum and ask that you ensure enough clean towels remain for incoming guests. Should your use of additional towels/linen be excessive there will be a charge. If you require any beds to be changed during your stay a charge of £25 per bed will be made. Please advise us of this in advance where possible.

Complaints and Difficulties

You are required to inform us of any problems immediately. We will deal with them straight away. If a serious problem arises that we cannot resolve within 12 hours we will offer you a full refund and help find suitable alternative accommodation.


Well-behaved dogs are allowed in both properties with prior notification. Pets must not be allowed on any of the furniture and must not be left unattended in the properties at any time. Please clean up after your dogs both inside and out. There are gates at both properties, however it is your responsibility to ensure that the gates are closed. 

Right of Entry

We reserve the right to enter the property to inspect it or carry out necessary repairs or maintenance during your stay.

Right to evict

We reserve the right to evict guests without compensation in the case of anti-social behaviour, unreasonable breakages, if smoking restrictions are not observed, if guests are causing a fire risk, if the accommodation is being misused or if there is a breach of these terms and conditions.

The Lodge looking down river Looking Down River